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Tips and Tricks from Our Fairfield Plumbers

Pike is one of our Fairfield plumbers and he can give you some useful tipsWe recommend that all of our plumbers follow these handy tips and tricks in order to help save money and prolong the life of their appliances.

Ask a Professional Fairfield Plumber

for Help It's tempting to ask your brother, neighbor, or local handyman for some quick, cheap plumbing repairs. We understand that. However, we also caution the residents of Fairfield from accepting plumbing advice from just anyone. A leaky pipe that is improperly repaired could result in thousands of dollars of water damages, and a water heater that is not serviced by a certified technician could become a huge health hazard to your home. That's why we always recommend calling a professional, fully-licensed plumber for advice on what to do when your plumbing goes haywire.

Take Care of Your Garbage Disposal

one of the models of garbage disposals found in homesA garbage disposal in your kitchen sink doesn't mean that you can put whatever you want down the drain. You must still take proper care to maintain your garbage disposal (and your pipes). Follow these steps to keep your garbage disposal healthy:

  1. No starchy things down the drain. Corn husks, potato skins, and other starch-filled food scraps will easily build up and form a clog in your kitchen drain. Avoid subjecting your garbage disposal to them.
  2. No coffee grounds. Coffee grounds are another food item that, though small, will easily build up and cause a blockage. Put them in a separate food waste bin if possible.
  3. No grease or fats. One of the worst culprits for drain clogs, grease and fatty substances leftover during cooking will solidify as they cool, causing a nasty (very stubborn) drain clog that will take professional help to remove.
  4. No over the counter drain cleaners. These aren't a good idea, since they can wear out the delicate rubber gaskets of your garbage disposal. Avoid them if you can.
  5. No metal objects. Make sure that no metal objects such as forks, spoons, or bottle caps make their way into your disposal. They can damage the blade or cause a jam, resulting in a broken garbage disposal.
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